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Vineyard Management

Our full-scale vineyard management services include everything vineyard development to labor contracting services. Precision Ag is one of the only vineyard management companies on the California Central Coast with a doctorate of agronomics on staff. Our company president, Dr. Lowell Zelinski, has a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis in soil-plant-water relations. He has worked hard to apply his nearly 40 years of educational and experience in agriculture to viticulture production practices in Paso Robles.

We pay close attention to detail in the day-to-day operations of our vineyards and provide our customers with personalized service to fit their needs. At Precision Ag, no vineyard is too large or too small to receive the same great service.

When you contract Precision Ag Consulting’s vineyard management services you will receive weekly visits during the growing season. Throughout the year you will receive assistance with all of the following, or we can develop a custom plan to meet your needs:

Even if you already have a farm manager, a PCA, and a full staff, Precision Ag can add specialized services in a particular area and be an asset to your team. We will work closely with everyone in your farming operation to bring every aspect of grape production together.

Vineyard Production Consulting

While we believe that the best way to produce premium quality wine grapes is to have your vineyard professionally managed, we also realize that this one-size-fits-all approach does not work for every grower and every vineyard size. This is why we also offer individualized vineyard production consulting services. These services are specially designed to suit your needs and are billed on an hourly or project basis.

Viticulture Services

We also offer specialized vineyard production consulting services, such as:

Irrigation Scheduling

Weekly irrigation scheduling services using soil and plant monitoring and water budgeting with information collected from on-site visits and weather data.

Laboratory Sampling and Analysis Services
Tissue Sampling

Petiole and leaf blade analysis services, virus disease sampling and analysis and Eutypa are a few of the tissue sampling services we provide.

Nutrient Budgeting
Soil Moisture Monitoring Services, Sales and Support

Precision Ag Consulting is an authorized distributor of Davis and Meter Group (formally known as Decagon Devices) Soil Moisture Monitoring Equipment on the California Central Coast. We offer product services and weekly monitoring services and specialize in services, sales and support of the Davis and Meter products. We also service and support other manufacturers’ soil moisture monitoring equipment.

Water Quality Appraisals

We conduct water sampling services to evaluate the suitability of irrigation water for all types of agricultural production. We will collect the samples, have them analyzed by a professional lab, provide you with a detailed interpretation of the analysis, and help you with recommendations on what to do with the information. Water quality analysis includes tests for salinity, toxicity, nutrient, and nitrate-nitrogen levels.

Soils & Fertility Management

Soil analysis in vineyards can provide information on pH and salinity issues. Precision Ag can provide analysis and recommendations regarding these issues.

We can help you determine fertilizer requirements through the use of plant tissue sampling for nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, boron and other nutrients. We also provide petiole sampling services and can develop a nutrient budget and fertilizer recommendations for your vineyard.

Soil Suitability Investigations

Whether you have an existing vineyard or are planning a new one, we can assist you. We develop soil surveys for texture, drainage, rooting depth, uniformity, salinity levels, and pH. These tests help manage different areas individually, and this leads to greater uniformity.