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Precision Ag can effectively manage your irrigation needs. We can provide you with information regarding the timing of irrigations and let you know precisely the amount of water you need to apply using soil and plant-based methods, soil moisture monitoring equipment, weather information, and plant-based measurements such as the pressure bomb or leaf porometer.

We use the latest environmental monitoring equipment, such as weather stations, soil moisture probes, and plant-based water status measurements, to help you effectively manage your crops and conserve water.

Weather Information

The use of weather information is important to aid in irrigation management, disease and insect control, and predict and document weather occurrences such as frost and heat injuries. The documentation of weather events are important for crop insurance claims. Precision Ag can help you purchase weather stations and show you how to use the information to manage your crops. We also use it in the consulting services we provide.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Precision Ag Consulting is a premier soil moisture monitoring specialist on the California Central Coast. We provide various soil moisture monitoring services, such as weekly data collection and reports and 24/7 availability of soil moisture data to your computer or smartphone. We use this soil moisture data to make the most accurate irrigation recommendations for you. We are also the authorized distributor for Davis and the Meter Group (formerly known as Decagon Devices). We provide installation, support weekly monitoring, and irrigation scheduling services using soil moisture monitoring data. For more information about equipment sales, please visit our sales page.

Water Quality Appraisals

We conduct water sampling services to evaluate the suitability of irrigation water for all types of agricultural production. We will collect the samples, have them analyzed by a professional lab and provide you with a detailed interpretation of the analysis and help you with recommendations on what to do with the information. Water quality analysis includes tests for salinity, toxicity, nutrient and nitrate-nitrogen levels.