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The agricultural landscape is changing. Numerous federal, state and local governmental agencies are creating new laws and regulations which require farmers to comply in order to stay in business.

Two areas of particular concern are water quality compliance and regulations affecting pesticide use reporting. In the near future, additional regulations may be put into place that require growers to document their water use. We provide consulting services to help you comply with current and future laws and regulations and will keep you up-to-date with the constantly changing rules and regulations.

CCRWQCB Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program

One of our areas of specialty is assisting growers with compliance of the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program. It is a complex program and requires constant vigilance to comply. We currently consult on thousands of acres on the Central Coast and are one of the few agricultural consulting companies willing and qualified to do so.

We help you comply with the laws to avoid citations and penalties. When you hire us to handle your governmental compliance issues, you can rest assured that you will have one of the most qualified water quality experts in the state of California on your team.