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Precision Ag Consulting is an agricultural consulting company that specializes in vineyard management, viticulture production consulting, soil fertility and irrigation management on the California Central Coast and San Joaquin Valley.  Precision Ag also provides vineyard spraying and vineyard pest control services, as well as soil moisture monitoring sales, service and support.  We are the only authorized distributor for Decagon Devices EcH20 soil moisture monitoring equipment in California.  We are a Pest Control Operator licensed to provide vineyard spraying and vineyard pest control services in Paso Robles and on the Central Coast.


Precision Ag is located in Paso Robles, California. The company is directed by plant physiologist and soil-plant-water relations specialist, Lowell J. Zelinski, Ph.D. Dr. Zelinski has a doctorate and soil-plant-water relations from the University of California, Davis and nearly 30 years experience in agricultural consulting and irrigation management and irrigation scheduling. Dr. Zelinski's wife, Becky Zelinski is co-owner of the company and manages its day-to-day operations, and heads up its sales and marketing efforts.  It is their goal to help growers reach their production goals through practical hands-on agricultural consulting practices using both traditional production methods and new cutting-edge precision farming technology.


Mission Statement


Precision Ag Consulting is dedicated to providing top-quality agriculture related products and services.  It uses the latest technology and techniques to help growers, agricultural consultants, and farm managers achieve maximum success through improved crop quality and plant growth and development while saving time and money.


Products and Services


Precision Ag Consulting provides a wide range of agricultural consulting, vineyard management, and soil moisture monitoring services, including:


    • Vineyard Management

    • Viticulture production consulting

    • Vineyard spraying services

    • Vineyard pest control monitoring and spraying

    • Irrigation monitoring and irrigation scheduling

    • Soil moisture monitoring services, soil moisture monitoring sales and soil moisture monitoring support

    • Fertility management and fertility recommendations

    • Soil suitability investigations, soil sampling and soil analysis

    • Plant tissue sampling and plant tissue analysis

    • Petiole sampling, petiole testing analysis

    • Water quality appraisals

    • Precision farming consulting services for most crops

    • Aerial imaging analysis (remote sensing analysis and interpretation)

    • Vineyard vigor analysis

    • Agricultural geographic information systems services

    • GIS mapping services

    • Variable rate applications

    • Agricultural research, education and training


1810 Thistle Way  Paso Robles, CA 93446  (805) 239-1270

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